Friday, March 22, 2013

My Skype experience

Teresa and I managed to get together to Skype.  The connection was not the best and we lost each other at the end of the call.  We also used the text feature of Skype to finish the conservation.  We were able to have a nice conservation.

                I have used Skype before.  I have Skyped by son at college in Maryland and I have participated in a family group Skype to my niece who was a missionary in India.  Through Skype we were able to share our holiday celebrations with my niece.  American holidays of course are not observed in India.  To help keep her from feeling lonely on Thanksgiving and Christmas we held a family Skype session.  She enjoyed to session.  At one point we just had Skype on and let it go while we did our celebrations, she was able to participate in the celebrations and add to them.  If made her feel a little less lonely. 

                Next school year my students will have a world cultures class.  I can see using Skype to get in contact with my niece.  The students can ask her questions and see the inside of a house in India first hand.  This Skype would also have more meaning to my students as my niece works as a substitute teacher for our district when she is home.  Right now she is home to gather more support.  She is substituting in the district.  She is meeting some of my students. 

                I also have a friend that is a missionary to Indonesia.  I could Skype her and my students could see another culture through her eyes.  We can also use Skype to make contact with students in other states and other countries.  I think students are interested in learning about the school system in different parts of the world.  My students think they have it so hard.  By learning about other school systems, they might begin to appreciate what they have and how lucky they are to have a free education.


  1. Elaine,
    I think having your students Skype with your niece when she is in India will be a great experience for them, especially since they know her. Having them see inside an actual house will make the lesson more real. Then having them Skype with your friend in Indonesia will give them a whole other culture experience. What a great way to teach about world cultures!

  2. Elaine,

    What a great idea to have a Skype session with family who live overseas. Did you use a group account or just two individual accounts?