Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Google Sites

After reviewing a number of web applications, I have chosen Google Sites to recommend to my students.  My students love anything to do with computers and technology.  The ability to create their own webpage without a lot of computer skills and knowledge would be very appealing to them.  I would suggest to my students that they create a “To Do List” webpage.  They do not remember their assignments.  By having their own personal webpage where they can update it with important information  and hopefully they would remember to complete their assignments.  They could also use the page to store assignments in progress or completed assignments by adding pages to their homepage.  They would then have access to them in school and at home.  They would have access to them from any computer.  They could also create a webpage wiki to work on assignments as a group.  They could not then use the excuse that so and so had the project and they were not able to have it to work or it, or so and so forgot the project at home so they cannot work on it in class or present it when it is due.

My students would need a review on internet safety and what is acceptable to place on a webpage.  They would also need to be reminded that even though this is a personal webpage, I still need access to it and they MUST FOLLOW all school rules regarding internet use.  Parent permission must also be granted before the students would be permitted to create their own webpage.  I see having their own webpage as a very useful school tool.  They could share their school work with relatives or whomever they choose.  It may help them take more pride in their school work.

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  1. Elaine,
    I think having your students use a Google site to make a "To Do List" is a good idea. I think they would be more accountable knowing they are responsible for checking off assignments as they are completed. I also agree with you that you should review the internet safety policy with your students. You can never go over that too much.